Willamette Fall riverwalk.

08 Jun Willamette Fall riverwalk.

Closed to the public for more than 150 years the Willamette Falls in Oregon City is the second most powerful waterfall in North America and is considered a prized historical and cultural treasure.

Soon, well actually more like four more years…Oregonian’s and visitors will be able to once again take in the views of Willamette Falls and stroll along the riverwalk.

The final design concept was released by The Snøhetta, Mayer/Reed and DIALOG design team. Renderings and images show various promenades and gathering spaces along the river and among the existing buildings from the days when the site was used for more industrial purposes. Some of the buildings will be incorporated into the design, albeit in a modified form.

To find out more information about the Willamette Falls Legacy Project click on the following link;  Willamette Falls Legacy Project

Photos Courtesy of:

The Snøhetta, Mayer/Reed and DIALOG

Excerpts Courtesy of:

Jon Bell

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